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ask-elleore sent:
Mister Spain?~ May I borrow a tomato? Please and tak!~

Anonymous sent:
How do you get your tomatoes to be so red and ripe? I'm dying to know your gardening secrets.

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askthemonaco sent:
Sailor Moon! (For the fandom drawing thing)

((I was gonna draw him as a Sailor scout but I’m lazy.))

Anonymous sent:
Adventure time style!

((I think I’ll try to update here but the pictures might be crappy because I’m on vacation and I have no place to set down my tablet. I’m also cancelling the drunk m!a, I waited too long and now I’m not in the mood for it anymore.))

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ask-deoans sent:
♕? <3

Send ♕ for a CHILDHOOD headcanon.

((When Spain was young, he wasn’t as curious as most countries when it came to humans. Rather than spending time with human children and learning what happens when you get too close to someone who isn’t immortal, he would spend almost all his time around France or Austria and the younger nations. He loved to play with the younger children and draw them playing together. It cheered him up to see how happy and full of energy they were. The only humans he would have extensive contact with were the leaders and other higher-ups so his only association with humans was work and conspiracy for a long time.))

Send ✚ for a HEALTH headcanon.
Send ♕ for a CHILDHOOD headcanon.
Send ✿ for a HAPPINESS headcanon.
Send ␛ for an ANGER headcanon.
Send ♆ for a BODY headcanon.
Send ϡ for a MENTAL STATE headcanon.
Send ღ for a LOVE/SEXUALITY headcanon.
Send † for a RELIGION headcanon.
Send ✄ for a PET PEEVE headcanon.
Send ☂ for a FOOD headcanon.

ask-deoans sent:
..Ah can't b'lieve th' Anons made ya drunk too... Ah guess welcome t' th' club?

Don’t lump me in with you.

Anonymous sent:
m!a: Antonio is drunk for as many asks as you choose

Joder. This is really fucking stupid….